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Cleaned Out

Posted on 2007.07.30 at 18:44
No, Drakken, this is not some silly, little update. And, no, nothing is new. I'm fine and dandy and that's just about it.
I felt like I needed to clean this place out of its old entries, so if I were to ever start updating again, it wouldn't be clogged with nonsense and gibberish.
And as for that "Theatrical_Muse" thing... I don't believe I partake in that community anymore.

- Lord Fiske

[OOC: So, okay, sorry for the lack of updates here, but.. really. Monkey Fist honestly wouldn't update a journal that much, and expecially not an online journal. Do you relaize how technologically impaired this guy is? Haha.
So, all the old entries have been made private. I'm... REALLY embarassed looking back on them. They're so beyond out-of-character, why the hell didn't anyone slap me in the face and say that? Seriously.

1) I must've thought it was cool at first to start off making it sound like Monkey Fist was British by typing "an'" or "tha'". That's not how a British person would type at all.

2) The slang. The way I had Monkey Fist talk sounds like he's either uneducated or 20 years younger!

3) Did he have anger management and cursing problems, or what?

4) I must've not had a life, becuase he uploaded 24/7 back in the day, and he talked about some of the most "out there" and "personal" kind of things! I also just put.. so much of myself into his personality. It just doesn't sound like him.

5) I don't know how many mary-sues I created. In fact, I really didn't talk anything about anything execpt for his personal life. Nothing about villainy. Although, I don't believe he'd tell his plans before hand. He doesn't rant as much as Drakken would.
But, yes.. the mary-sues were out of control. AND NOW EVERYONE'S LIKE, "HOW'S FARRAH!??! (the girlfriend)"! Farrah was a character that Sarah (Lil' Lyon) and I created, and it was loads of fun at first, but I'm almost tempted to just have them break up, but Sarah loves drawing Farrah, and we both love the character to death.
That's why I have Monkey Fist say/mention as little about her as I can. It's hard though, you know, everyone wants to know how the sex life is! *laughs* I don't entirely blame them.

But, yea, overall, I feel like I've really imporved on my RP-ing, and I don't like people getting confused by all the old crap. Sorry!]


First Entry

Posted on 2006.05.29 at 16:21
Current Mood: busy
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